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School History

The school opened in 1958. Parishioners from St. Patrick’s Church had saved for many years to raise the funds needed to build the school. Many of the first pupils to attend St. Patrick’s still live in the local area and some of them now bring their grandchildren to the school. We are proud of our links with the Parish and the whole of the community we serve.

The school is situated in a residential area just over a mile south east of the centre of Newport and the M4. It sits within the community it serves in a quiet cul-de-sac and is overlooked by Somerton Park, the former football ground of Newport AFC and speedway track but now a residential area in itself. The area the school serves has seen a great growth in development; mixed housing schemes along the banks of the river and on former industrial sites, the expansion of retail parks, leisure facilities and small industrial units off the link road. The school has grown in numbers to accommodate the population growth and has seven-year group classes as well as a nursery that opened in September 2014.

If you wish to visit the school or receive further information, please contact the Headteacher. We are committed to working in partnership with all parents and welcome your involvement in the life of our school and visits are warmly invited.

As a Catholic school we are conscious of our need to love and serve God and each other in all we do.

We use the key phrase “Together we are one” to remind us of our mission

Education is Holy

Everything connected with human living and the means by which we understand and come to terms with it, is part of God’s revelation to humanity, whether those engaged in it are conscious or not. Therefore, the process of education, teaching and learning is a holy act and since the world in which we live is God’s, all teaching and learning are related to him.(Evaluating the Distinctive Nature of Catholic Schools)

Our Mission StatementThough many, we are one. Living our Faith, learning together. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Recognising the worth of every individual. Giving them room to grow in the image of Jesus Christ

We are a Catholic community which is characterised by the gospel spirit of freedom, justice and love. These gospel values permeate the life and work of our school.

Our Vision is to:

Lead the children to a positive awareness of God through Christ’s teachings.

Create a caring, Catholic environment where children can learn to live in peace and harmony with themselves and others.

Provide a quality education for all our children and develop their full potential physically, spiritually, morally, academically and culturally.

Recognise the worth and talents in each individual, developing self- esteem and self-respect that they may grow in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

Build and strengthen the relationships (based on gospel values) which exist between home, school and parish.

We strive to make this vision a reality through the belief that

“Together we are one”


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